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Catch Report for 13-20th April 2019

This week has seen our baliffs and friends from our sister fishery in the UK, Waterside Fishery have a their turn on our stunning lake. The stakes where high this week with a competition for the Single angler with the most fish as well as the Top weight of 3 fish.

With Sam hot off the mark landing 3 fish on the first night the bar had been set but the whole week was to play for. The weather took a turn for the worse with a yo yo in pressures making the lake unpredictable and it was anyones too win.

However later in the week the weather was steady and most of the lads staying strong in their postions and the competition getting very close, John had a beautiful Mirror comming it at approximatly 43lbs off the bottom margin. The fish are starting to wake up with the warmer weather now and constantly showing them selves all over the lake.

John and Christian won the over competiton with the 3 heaveist fish, and Sam winning most fish landed as a single angler with 11 on the bank and sadly a few lost.

A good head of fish sumed up the week with over 20 fish landed in total and a few lost. We are hoping the warmer weather continues to warm the waters and bring even more on to the bank.

Some fantastic shots from our baliff Reg of waterside England

Watersidefrance is our instagram like us for updates! for up to date info

Bookings for 2020 are now open, check out our reviews on our facebook to see what the anglers have to say about our lake

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