The premier carp fisheries in France

Waterside Complex Rules

  • Micro barbed hooks.
  • Mats / Slings and landing nets are provided by Waterside, please do not bring our own.
  • Rig tubing and safe zone leaders only.
  • Three rods per person.
  • A carp care kit is required.
  • Bait boats are allowed.
  • Boilie, pellets and maize.
  • All carp above 50lb are to be reported to a bailiff including grass carp before returning.
  • No dogs.
  • No fires.
  • BBQs are permitted but have to be raised off the floor.
  • No entry before 1pm on Saturday on arrival, you must depart by 10am the following Saturday.
  • You can drive to your swim to unload but the car must be returned to the car park. No cars should be blocking the tracks around the lakes at any time, once you have finished unloading, the cars can be moved to our secure car park but valuables are the responsibility of the owners so please do not leave valuables in the cars.
  • Boats are for bailiff use only.
  • No fish is to be retained at any time, if you believe the fish is over 50lb, please leave it in a retainer while you wait for the bailiff to arrive, and do not remove it from the water.
  • No tiger nuts/maggots are to be used.
  • Maize and pellets have to be purchased on-site.
  • Freezer bait only.

Swim & Rubbish Rules

  • Please keep your swim tidy at all times. Please ensure there is no spod spill, boilies or bait left in swims at any time.
  • It is imperative that your rubbish is separated into glass, recycling, and general waste.
  • For ease, please bring your rubbish with you when you reel in for dinner and put it into the appropriate bins.
  • Under no circumstances must any form of human waste be disposed of in the rubbish bags.
  • Please keep toilet and shower facilities clean after use.
  • Please ensure that all discarded Cigarettes ends are are picked up and disposed of and not left in your Swims or surrounding areas.
  • At the end of the week your swim will be inspected and only then will your deposit be returned.
  • Any angler found with rubbish bags with rubbish that hasn’t been separated will lose their 50 € deposit as the staff will have to undertake the separation of rubbish.
  • Please note that Rowing boats can be used by Bailiffs only.